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What Services Do Our Case Managers Provide?

Obtain and coordinate community services (If needed)
  • Obtain primary care physician
  • Obtain mental health treatment: psychiatrist, case management
  • Obtain direct care providers: nursing, home health care, housekeeping

Provide consent for medical treatment
  • Routine treatment by primary care physician/medical specialist
  • Psychiatric treatment
  • Surgery: inpatient/outpatient
  • Hospital admission
  • Nursing home admission
  • Authorize do not resuscitate orders
  • Authorize hospice treatment
  • Authorize the withholding or withdrawing of treatments, leading to end of life
  • Obtain an ethics consultation when appropriate

Manage Benefits
  • Assist with ward’s governmental benefits
  • Work with payee on ward’s budget

Secure Housing
  • Determine a ward's housing needs
  • Obtain appropriate housing (if applicable)
  • Arrange for relocation, if necessary
  • If current independent housing is not appropriate, close down the dwelling (house/apartment)

Make a funeral plan
  • Determine the ward's religious beliefs and background
  • Discuss end of life planning with ward (living will, health power of attorney, etc.)
  • Establish a pre-need funeral with available resources (life insurance, savings)

Visit at least once a month

Communicate and collaborate with family, friends, caregivers and service providers

Attend Probate Court Hearings

Complete and submit annual reports to the Probate Court
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