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The History of Union County Guardianship Services
The Union County Volunteer Guardian Program (VGP) is currently doing business as Union County Guardianship Services (UCGS). The VGP started as a response to the need for court appointed legal guardians for incompetent adults, who had no family or friends willing or able to become their guardians. The Court in the past had generally appointed a local attorney to become the guardian in these cases.

A rising concern about the increasing need for guardians brought members of the community together to discuss the possibility of a volunteer guardianship program. Visits with other counties to discuss their volunteer programs confirmed the decision to begin a program in Union County.

As the board entered its second year it was determined that the program in some cases was not meeting the needs of the community. First there were situations where a volunteer was not able to fill the need. So following the path set by other Ohio counties we added a staff guardian role, so that we could serve anyone who needed our services.

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