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The Food Crawl is BACK!
Join us June 19, 2021 for a fun and tasty stroll around Uptown Marysville to sample signature items from eight different restaurants. Tickets available at the Marysville Branch of Richwood Bank, or by calling our office.
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Guardianship Education Classes
COMING FALL 2021 (Date TBA): “Communicating with the Court” a LIVE three-hour continuing education class.
Adult Guardianship Education classes are available for free on demand online at: www.supremecourt.ohio.gov/Boards/judCollege/adultGuardianship/default.asp
Union County Guardianship Services (previously known as Union County Volunteer Guardian Program) offers a range of services for adults in our county who have been deemed by the probate court to be unable to manage their own affairs and who do not have family members or friends who can fulfill the role of guardian. Volunteer Guardians are provided training and supervision to serve as “Guardian of the Person” when possible. In more challenging cases, our staff guardians assume this role.

Individuals served by our agency are adults over 18 years of age living in Union County. For many reasons, their ability to process information and conduct their affairs is diminished, they are alone, and they need your help.

Guardians do not have financial responsibility for the person. Regular personal contact to ensure your client is in a safe environment is the key requirement. You will receive initial training and on-going support from the UCGS office.

We hope you will take a few moments to learn more about UCGS and the services that we offer.
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